Look in the mirror and adore how your stress lines have started dissipating, making way for the radiant glow of a 20-something mama again. Step on the scale and love that your little bambino pouch (that you tried to lose for five years) is finally melting itself away.

Notice how you move through your day with almost non-stop energy to run behind those little ones, hit the soccer games, take care of business and make black magic in your bedroom again.

That's your life when you choose to feel remarkable by going Vegan.

Step into the LOUNGE with me and say YES to living a life of youthfulness, vibrance, and hawtness (because that's where it's at!)

"In the past I felt like I was lazy and thought there was NO WAY I could go vegan. I work from home and barely moved my body all day. I went from chair to couch, exhausted. I did Holly's 7 Day Vegan Test Drive and my energy soared though the roof! I wasn't lazy, I was just freaking eating the wrong food! Thanks Holly for helping me improve my energy, mental clarity, and squash my negative thinking."
- Danielle Magestro

Who the hell am I? I am a wife, mom and the person that is going to show you how easy it is to go Vegan!

They said to me, "You can't do it!"

I said to them, "The heck I can't!"...(Because I am a petulant child at heart, waiting for you to dare me to do anything so I can show you I can and I will.)

And I did..It all started with one week! Never to return to my old diet of burgers and fries. (Maybe just a few fries...cuz those are Vegan.) See how easy this is going to be?

Now, I will not proclaim to be some irrational tree hugger mama who doesn't ever do anything against the Vegan diet..because HEY! WINE! (Have you tried parenting without it??)

But I did stay 99.9997685% Vegan and I lived to tell about it and

I fucking LOVE IT!


That is the point right? Feeling GOOD? Feeling YOUNG and VIBRANT???

You hold in your hand the KEY to feeling like a freaking Goddess (or God). All you have to do it turn the lock. You already enjoy activities with your kids. What if you could enjoy them without getting worn out as quickly? What if you could sit among the other soccer moms on the bleachers and be the one who looks 10 years younger than the others??


You feel good. I get it and I am freaking PROUD of you.

But you could feel even more untouchable, by making a few simple changes to your diet.

And I am not that haughty, self righteous Vegan who will tell you, "Oh!! You can NOT slip!" or "Don't put that in your mouth!"

I am the gym owner, who as a mother of two, has a mouth that doesn't stop and a heart that gives everything when I work with my clients. Because being Vegan is a choice, a choice that comes with labels.

I'm here to help you stand your ground, change your life, and own your title as Rockstar Vegan (who lives and loves life, as well)

My name is Holly, Lead Vegan around this lounge, and I also run and own 951 Fitness in Murrieta, California. But as amazing as that sounds, you will find out that I am EXACTLY like you. I struggled with the same low energy, feeling like crap vibe that you do. You can change it. I will show you how.

"Because of Holly's 7 Day Vegan Test Drive, I'm very happy, I feel wonderful, and life is so much easier with my food choices. There's so many awesome recipes and vegan food is so much different than it was five or 10 years ago the flavor is amazing. I love being vegan!"
- Lori Curran