Burgers and fries are you go-to staples for survival. Pizza. Let's talk about pizza...how many times a week do you eat that??

The thing is..All of these things are ripping years off your life. No kidding.

And I love you. I want you to stay here as long as you can. Call me selfish.

I know you have seen the hype and thought about making the switch, but you are scared. You're scared your life will be less phenomenal if you choose to go animal-free.

Friday nights was pizza night. Saturday was steak and potatoes on the grill. Life was freakin' GRAND!

Then some friends challenged me to a go Vegan for only one week. I was all, Pfft! Whatevs...I got this, screw you!"

And so it began. I fell in love.

I felt lighter, less bloated. My skin started to change. My body actually started to CRAVE these freakin' vegan foods a few days into the challenge.

I was like, "Wha?? This is crazy, sexy, GOOD shiz! For real."

Thus, it has become my mission to be the change-maker for the mamas like you who feel like crap, but don't want to admit it, who have been closet vegan-curious for a while, and for those who feel that little nudge to hold onto their sultry a little longer.

You and I. One month....that's 4 weeks...in the Lounge. 4 weeks, no steroid injections, no hormone therapy, no scalpel needed.

When you decide to book your room in The Lounge, you will walk away from foods that are wrecking your body and your skin. You will start to feel like a bazillion and half dollars, with energy through the roof. Screw getting winded while you are out pruning your 9M rose bushes this year.

You will begin to ADORE the skin you are in, the way your body loves you back, and how you freakin' look YOUNGER!

Hold on...let me tell you how this goes down (I love that you are so excited!)


1. The 7 Day Vegan Challenge complete with all the workouts, recipes etc.

2. One 60-minute session with moi to establish specific goals and set up protocols and talk about with life looks and feels like now.

3. Unlimited access to the Facebook Group to get support from me and your peers between our sessions.

4. Access to recipes and tips and hints to make your transition to Rockstar Vegan a complete and systematic success, here at the Lounge.


* Anyone looking to wake up and maintain energy levels that keep you literally fueled all day long, without crashing at 1 pm.

* People who want to shift their bodies and their skin back a few years (or ten?)

* Those interested in more humane ways of eating because eating cows is just mean...hello?!

* The closet vegan-curious who want to test drive this life before committing to it (but I KNOW you are going to stick to it fo'-EVAH after this!)

* Peeps who are ready to hit the Vegan slope, but are scared to make the transition alone.