Some Important Facts on the Vegan Lifestyle: Vegan Lifestyle 101


There is presently an increase in the number of people who are actually choosing to become a vegetarian or a vegan. For most of them, living a vegan lifestyle is not an obligation, but an enjoyment of what they love, and the desire to respect life. If you want to know the definition of a vegan, most people define it as a way of living your life through eating vegetables, plus fruits, and grains. In many cases, vegetarians and vegans actively protest against animal cruelty.

A vegan lifestyle has been viewed as one of the kindest and compassionate food lifestyles. If a person is using a vegan lifestyle, you are vowing not to eat any kind of meat or animal products. It also extends further into your clothing, supplements, and household products for the true vegans.

Most vegans believe that animal farming is a very cruel way to make money. Raising animals and turning them into meat and other products that are beneficial to humans is very atrocious.

A vegan diet is normally better for our body than a non-vegan. The food habits of most vegans are focused on the consumption of foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. A food habit based on fruits and vegetable consumption is normally low in fat and very high in nutrition. A vegan diet can help anyone to be fit, ripped, and well-nourished. The proteins usually found on meat and dairy products can easily be added in a vegan meal through the consumption of vegan foods that are very rich in protein such as beans and legumes. Supplementation may be necessary too…and there are some delicious vegan shakes out there. 

If you are a vegan, eating vegan foods will significantly lessen the demand for products that are animal based such as red meat, fish, poultry, gelatin, and other related foods. The manufacturers that often produce these products are in general, cruel towards animals. Such inhumane and cruel habits include raising too many animals on a tiny farm, and most livestock such as pig and cattle that are raised so crowded that they don’t have proper mobility at all. They can contract diseases easily and they can even die in immense pain. That’s just fucked up. Please for the love of all things Holy, don’t tell me “I only eat organic meat, they are killed more humanely”.  That’s dumb and arrogant.  Tell me how something can be killed humanely? 

Even though the advocates of the vegan lifestyle believe that switching to vegan from a non-vegan lifestyle can allow them the ability to achieve maximum health, it is subject to ongoing debate. In fact, the two sides have their certain benefits and almost none of them can actually take advantage over one another. But switching to a vegan lifestyle can specifically bring peace of mind since no animal has been killed simply because you are hungry. 

In a vegan lifestyle, animal cruelty is avoided because there is no need to consume animal products. If you would just observe how a cow is slaughtered and transformed into meat products such as your favorite steak, I’m sure you will never eat such a piece of meat ever again.

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Peace, Love and Vegan

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